Ramona Cosmaceuticals  

Ramona Cosmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in 2006 with the intention of producing Organic Moringa products and other related products. Now, we are one of the largest suppliers of organic Moringa products.

We are located in the down south part of Tamilnadu state, India which is the largest Moringa cultivating area in the world.

Dedicated staff and passive associates all over the country are the emerging force & backbone of the Company and therefore able to establish the network deep into the upcountry market. Ramona cosmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd has taken the best of scientific methods and organic standards for the development of its products. The result is products that are not only safe and hypoallergenic, but products that set the standard in the industry for effectiveness. With Ramona cosmaceuticals line of organic products, you will see and feel a difference.

We are cultivating Organic Moringa in our own vast area. Our manufacturing unit is highly modernised and we are producing our organic products in highly hygienic conditions. Our organic farms and manufacturing unit was certified by M/s. Lacon Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd.





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